Casual Picks For Smart Men

When it comes to clothing, women grab all the market’s attention. But hey, even the men have some choices. For the men who want casual but smart and masculine looks, the options in the market are varied.

Cool & Smart

Here are some tips for the men who wish to dress smartly in their casual outfits:

When you’re a man, don’t dress up like a boy: while aiming to look beautiful is no crime, putting up too much effort in this direction actually ruins your style quotient. A grown up man should dress up in chick and masculine clothing. The mature look is always a hit. Clothes that teenagers choose should be different from the grown up men’s choices and vice-versa. T-shirts with slogans or fancy shirts are best suited to young college kids, not to a grown up man. Try Madbow’s classic polo t-shirt in black.


Avoid baggy and distressed jeans for a mature look: baggy jeans or distressed jeans also appear as a vague attempt at looking youthful. But they don’t suit the age or the profession which demands a more mature look. Prefer a pair of simple yet elegant jeans and team it up with a crisp shirt for that mature and sophisticated look. Classic jeans like Madbow’s this piece would be a good pick.

Classic Jeans


Always wear footwear that suit your class: funky footwear or over the top footwear are best suited to guys who have just finished their high school. Men should always be careful about the choice of footwear which should by comfy as well as classy. Remember, if you want to judge a man’s status, have a peek at his shoes! Try these shoes from Madbow- 


Canvas Shoes


Invest in a good classic watch: a classy and elegant time piece adorning your wrist always gives you an edge above others. Funky watches should be avoided. Smart, classy and sophisticated watch from a good brand will make you stand out. Try this trendy watch from Madbow.


A good blazer or jacket will complete the look: buy a nice jacket with a good fit that accentuates the width of your shoulder for that emphasis on your tough masculinity. Classic colors such as black, grey, beige or different shades of brown and blue would be the best choice for these outfits.

So all the men out there, go ahead and give your look a little makeover with maturity!