10 Things your Dad would love this Father’s Day

Probably the first gifts you got in life was from him. Your first soccer ball, or the first teddies, candies, chocolates, the first one to take you to the rides, your first partner while playing games, while learning your first lessons, and the first values that will stay put with you for life. A father is a plethora of all good things, rolled into one body, conditioned with unconditional love for his children.



Now that the years have gone by let us turn the tables. Father’s day is around the corner, and if you haven’t already bought him a gift, it’s time you should. Even if you have, you could still add an item or two more, because there is no such thing as ‘too many gifts’ or ‘too much love’.
Given our careful pick, there is no way your dad won’t love something on this list. Have a go at the ten things you can gift your dad this Father’s Day.




1. Clothes: It could be a dapper shirt for your dapper dad, a cool summer tee to get in the summer vibe, trousers for the daily wardrobe, or for when occasions arise. You know your dad better so you can choose his desired color and pattern. Just keep in mind to be cool and classy while taking the pick.



2. Electronic Gadgets: Welcome to the 21st Century dads. Adapting themselves to the evolution in technology, the dads of today started off with the black and white television sets to the much advanced LCD screens that sit in their living rooms today. Naturally, most of them like to try their hands at new gadgets that come in the market. Here’s a hint, VR headsets, audiobooks, PowerBanks, Noise Cancelling Headphones are trending in the market.




3. Watches: You will hardly see your dad having a leisurely time by themselves, because they are always trying to keep track of the time, to cope with their busy schedules at work, while also dividing time for their family. The trend continues till they retire and they cannot sit still with so much time on their hands. Gift them a watch so with the time moving on their wrists, they will be able to keep aside some time for you.




4. Perfume: Who doesn’t want to smell good? Not even your dad. Gift him the beauty of aroma and have him feeling good about it. Buy him a perfume that he’ll love.




5. Fashion accessories: When we say fashion, and use the word for your dad, we do not necessarily mean for him to go all Johnny Depp or Adam Levine, but a fashion accessory or two would be of no harm, right? Let your dad live it to the best even as age goes by and by. A cool pair of shades, a smart-looking tie or cufflinks would be of help here.




6.Kindle/Books: Not going by stereotypes but most dads do read. If your dad is one, I think you know what to get for him.




7. Beard Trimmer: Fancy or not, your dad’s got to shave, or trim atleast. It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra when executing facial trims. A beard trimmer is something he would really fancy, trust me on this.





8. Coffee Maker: For all those evenings when he sits in the balcony, with a newspaper, or just anytime that he wants coffee, give him the liberty to brew his own, or to get mum done it for him. A coffee machine is really what he would need here. Makes mum’s work easier, and gets dad’s coffee faster.




 9. Something close to his heart: Remember when dad was young? Of course you don’t. You weren’t even there. But you know (kind of) the songs that were a hit during his prime time, don’t you? Well, get hold of them and have him listen to it whenever he wants. You could also do with a collection of his favorite author’s writings.




10. Spend some time with him: This is undoubtedly the best you can give him, above all the material gifts. Take him out for dinner, or a movie, or sit back at home and watch a film together, talk with him and get interested to know what he wants to tell you, take advice. If you live far away, you can spend some time talking with him. He will really be pleased.

Now with the above choices before you, hurry and pick your daddy’s day gifts. Which one are you giving?