The Generation that Never Sleeps

We are all part of a generation that sees well in evil, wealth in the past and music in the rhythmic patterns of nature. Of the things that don’t make sense and vice versa, we are the champion torch bearers of the things that have no connection to the concept of reality as a whole. That being said, there are certain perks to the whole ‘out of reality’ dilemma.


Let me put it this way, we can’t avoid social media. No. Matter. How. Hard. You. Try. and instead of focusing on the negatives of this electronically induced conundrum, try looking at it this way. Talent lived before we were born, it will live on after we’ve perished. But at the current date and time, talent is being recognized like never before.

The youth has a voice now. No matter how stupid it might be, no matter how extreme people are craving over a few stupid internet trends. People are letting their guards down and exposing themselves.

So yeah, no matter how much we’re criticized for not being like the 70s, no matter how stupid the generation might be, we’re the owners of our own. We like to do things the way we want it to. Live young, die hard.