Tips for Goa Trip

Thinking of best summer trips in India? If you are planning for Goa trip, this is the right time for you to go and enjoy the cool beaches of Goa. Destination Goa is for sure one of the perfect summer trip ideas for holidaying.

So if you have already packed your bags, just go through these useful tips to make your trip memorable. To make sure that you have just fun and no sunburn on your relaxing beach holiday, carry these must-carry beach holiday pieces of stuff listed by MADBOW on your shopping list for beach season!

#Buy Shorts


Short is the first thing that strikes your mind when we say Goa. Isn't it? Yes, carry a colorful and light cotton shorts to enjoy the beautiful beaches or buy shorts. And just enjoy the day.

#Mirrored Sunglasses

Carry sunglasses with a mirror-like reflective finish in bright hues if you have got one. Aviator or wayfarer styles are good options. And it’s not just for vanity purpose but extremely functional too. The intensity of the sunlight reflected by the sand on the beach is much more than what you experience in daily life and reflective glasses help protect the eyes from these harsh rays.

#Crocs Footwear



Walking on the beach barefoot can be so relaxing but if you are going for a longer beach walk, carry crocs Footwear. Walking too far in the sand in bare feet can result in shin splints or a sore tendon in your heel.  Footwear by Crocs is very versatile and looks cool with all kinds of outfits. Whether you’re walking on the beach or walking down the street markets of Goa, you’ll be extremely comfortable wearing them.


Make sure to carry sunscreen as the sunglasses are not enough to protect yourself from the sun. Unlike the westerners with pale skin, Indians need to take more care of their skin and apply a mid-range sunscreen. However, when you’re on the beach, pack a sunscreen above SPF 50 and preferably something that is water proof.


The beach company

Beaches are about splashing, swimming and getting wet and the best way to do that without the salt sticking all over your body is to wear a good swimsuit. If you have a well-toned body, go for a bikini or pick up a swimsuit from the various styles or skimpy shorts if you are not very comfortable with a bikini.

#Tank Tops/Spaghettis

Spaghetti and tank tops in solid colors or prints can be teamed up with anything. They make your bags light and give you room for choice.

#Shorts/Cotton Trousers

Another piece of clothing to pack when trying to dress basic are shorts or loose fitting cotton pajamas or trousers. They will keep you cool and relaxed in the summer sun and dry faster.

If you’re planning a Goa vacation to enjoy the best of its beaches, musical festivals and parties, do check out Goa flight tickets beforehand and make sure to remember the above tips. Enjoy the trip. Live Life. 

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